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Brand Service

Custom Tailoring

Tailor-made solutions

Gallo Tessile for many years has specialised in serving brands by placing its wide archive at the disposal of its customers and ensuring them a complete service for creation and development of their collections.

The In-House Team

The sample collection office is made up of five people team who manages the individual collections from start to finish working in close closely with the designers or customers manager.

Each customer has a dedicated contact person for communication and for any technical problem they can rely on the support of our weaving, modelling and packaging managers.

Research & Development

Thanks to its long experience Gallo Tessile is able to offer a wide selection of samples and tests developed with particular technologies, sometimes even experimental. These proposals, which also include studies of finishing, washing, applications, embroidery, printing techniques and so on, are available for designers who are always aware of any new proposals from which to take ideas and indications to follow so as to better adapt them to the image of their lines.

For even an closer and productive relationship with its French customers, at the beginning of 2023 Gallo Tessile opened a showroom in Paris in Rue de l’Amiral de Coligny 2. It is a place where designers can see our proposals or request stitches and jacquards studies and customised packages as well as take a look at our vast historical archive.

Rue de l’Amiral de Coligny, 2 - Paris

Gallo Tessile’s aim is to continually strive to improve the services offered to its customers matching quality with competitive price thanks to the verticalisation of its production process and compliance with a environmental and social sustainability policy. This decision, in addition to optimising this relation, allows us to speed up sampling times without having to rely on external help with all the problems that can pose. In addition, the fact of having two production units (Italy and Tunisia) with different costs, offers the customer a wider choice able to meet their needs not only for the main line but also for any other sales at lower prices. And none of this impacts the product as even production outside Italy is carried out with 90% of fabrics created at the Mortara site.

New and ambitious goals goals have already been identified to keep pace with the changing needs of the market to further extend the company’s history in which generations of people have succeeded over the years and who have contributed with their work to keep this company going and to whom we will always be grateful.

The Processing Procedures for a Sample Collection