For the past 20 years Gallo Tessile has specialized in providing services for designer labels, placing its vast archive at the disposal of its customers and guaranteeing them 360° support in the development and creation of their collections.


The in-house team

The samples department is staffed by a six-person team that manages the individual collections throughout the development and creation process, working closely with the client companies’ designers or product managers. Each client is assigned a single contact person to refer to, while the managers of our weaving, cutting and packaging departments are also available to provide any necessary technical support.


Research and development

Thanks to its long experience, Gallo Tessile is able to offer its clients valuable proactive support, providing them, at the start of each season, with a wide selection of samples and trial solutions developed using new, unusual and sometimes even experimental technologies. These proposals, which also include trials of finishing, washing, applications, embroidery and printing techniques, etc., are shared with the designers, who are always very interested in anything new from which they can draw inspiration and guidance, further developing the ideas so that they reflect, even better, the particular image of their own lines.