Gallo Tessile, to offer its clients the best possible combination of value for money
and service, handles most of its product processing stages in-house.


We operate a vertical production cycle, from the purchasing of the yarn to the delivery of the sample, which means that we do not have to rely on external facilities, other than for fabric finishing. This helps us keep processing times down as well as ensure that agreed delivery deadlines are met.


Thanks to the latest CAD and IT systems, we are able to develop any kind of design, for both men’s and women’s wear, as well as customised sizing systems. This allows us to meet any special request from clients or designers.


This is made up of three separate knitting rooms. The first is devoted to circular knitting machines (mainly electronic) with gauges ranging from 20 to 28, which are used to produce soft summer fabrics made from sanforized and mercerized cotton using yarns with counts of 60/2 – 80/2 – 30/1 in plain jersey and striped, jacquard and piquet fabrics with inlays, stitch effect, and so on. The second room has gauge 18 – 20 circular knitting machines used mainly, but not only, for processing wool yarns with counts of 1/30 and 1/48. The third room supports the other two; here, gauge 14 and 16 Stoll flat knitting machines are used to produce garment accessories. Over the years, the company has built up an extensive library of collars which covers just about everything that can be produced using these machines.


In 2008, Gallo Tessile established Gallotex s.a., its own production site in Jamel, Tunisia. The aim was to increase our market competitiveness in terms of quality-price ratio and mark up, and therefore better meet the demands of our clients. The fabrics processed here are mainly produced in Italy, and for the most part by Gallo Tessile. Gallotex s.a. also manufactures fabrics in special yarns for products aimed at a particular price bracket, but only on specific request.